Learn How I Calm the Chaos & Lower my Stress and Anxiety in 10 Minutes or Less, easily…

Join my “2-Day Yoga-Mudra Magic Bootcamp” and learn how to crush stress, anxiety, and mental clutter with secret ancient hand mudra techniques for women WITHOUT doing difficult yoga asanas by using the power in your fingertips!


This is for YOU if you are unable to follow difficult yoga asanas

This is for YOU if you feel stressed and anxious because of relationship issues

This is for YOU if you are an overwhelmed mom balancing work and family life

This is for YOU if you're a seasoned executive feeling the pressure to perform and meet expectations

This is for YOU if you're an ambitious professional woman facing stress and anxiety in a competitive industry

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Each Day Of The 2-Day 'Yoga-Mudra Magic' Bootcamp...

Imagine feeling calm, centred, and energized every day, no matter what life throws your way. Picture yourself being able to easily balance your work and personal lives while feeling confident and empowered. This is not just a pipe dream- it can be your reality.

Get Your Stress Makeover On Day #1

On this day, you will learn:

How to Crush Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Clutter With 2 Powerful Yoga Mudras for Modern Women WITHOUT taking up extra time

How to turn stress into your ally, instead of your enemy, WITHOUT relying on medication or expensive therapies

Understanding Yoga Mudra’s fundamentals and practice guidelines

How yoga mudras can help you “MELT AWAY” your stress without taking up extra time

"Imagine what it would be like if you could Overcome stress using the power in your fingertips, within 10 minutes or less!"

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and energized every day, without the weight of stress and anxiety holding you back. Imagine having the tools and knowledge to manage your stress levels and improve your overall quality of life…

Build Calming Connections On Day #2

On day 2, you will learn…

Learn secret energy activation techniques to unlock the power of your fingers and banish stress and anxiety for good!

Break free from negative emotions and trauma with 3 powerful Yoga Mudras. Quiet your mind, improve concentration, and achieve greater peace of mind

Shakti Kriya - Stress-Busting daily ritual that you can use anywhere, anytime, and find your Zen!

"Imagine what it would be like if you could break free from the Cycle of Self-Doubt and prove your Inner Strength by unleashing the superwoman within!"

But That’s Not All...

I have some awesome FREE Premium Bonuses for you ladies!

That’s right… I'm all about OVER-DELIVERING massive value, so you not only unlock stress-free living … but these bonuses will also help you achieve inner strength, confidence, and health to succeed in all areas of your life WITHOUT relying on external motivation!

Easy-to-follow mini-manual for swift integration of mudras and kriyas in your daily routine

Clear instructions and illustrations for effortless remembrance of mudras and kriyas learned in the bootcamp

Minimize mistakes with the mini-manual, ensuring confident and effective mudra and kriya practice

Control and embrace your emotions, for unwavering confidence in any situation

Handle mental and emotional issues with power and growth, not avoidance

Instantly feel better and create positive changes in your life

Flush out stress-induced toxins and improve your skin health

Boost hormonal balance in women during menopause or menstrual cycles

Improve your immunity and vitality

Boost your confidence and charisma by maintaining a calm nervous system

Enhance your mental clarity and decision-making skills by keeping your nervous system balanced and relaxed

Stay calm and collected in any situation, even when dealing with difficult people

Meet Your Mentor

As a passionate advocate for holistic healing, I embarked on a journey to find alternative solutions when conventional medicine fell short. Yoga Mudras, the ancient healing modality, transformed my life, relieving my stress and restoring my well-being. Today, I proudly hold a World record and coach others to unlock their own inner healing powers.

Join me at ‘The Healing Klub’ and discover how Yoga Mudra Magic can bring calm, energy, and focus to your life too!

Every woman has an innate longing to live life to the fullest, to pursue her dreams and aspirations with unwavering passion.

Stress can drain away the energy needed to pursue dreams and aspirations

Not Any More!!

Join us on this empowering quest to reclaim your unstoppable power.

What changes you can expect in your life AFTER attending the 'Yoga-Mudra Magic' Bootcamp…

Before The Bootcamp

Overwhelmed and weighed down by stress and anxiety

Struggling to manage intense emotions and negative thoughts

Hindered productivity and lack of focus

Stuck in limiting patterns and past traumas

After The Bootcamp

Beat stress and achieve unstoppable confidence in just 10 minutes a day!

Mastering emotional regulation and mental clarity

Heightened productivity and sharp focus

Breaking free from negative patterns and emotional baggage

Here's a quick recap of everything you're getting when you join the bootcamp right now…


₹ 15,982/-


Just ₹497/-

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't experience a change or don't experience a magical transformation applying these ancient techniques, I will refund you the money back. No questions asked!