Build your own Udemy-like site and host unlimited courses and students using 100% free tools!

Join the 3-hour LIVE masterclass and learn A-Z of building your own site on WordPress EVEN IF you have no technical experience and no WordPress knowledge

🗓️ 23rd Jan | ⏰ 8 PM | ⌛️ 3 Hour

Join the masterclass if you want to:

Save ₹2L per year on LMS platform fee

Host unlimited students for free

Host unlimited courses for free

Create personalised learning experience for your students

Automate student enrolment and email sequences

Here are all the bonuses you will be getting when you register today

E-book on launching any online course in 15 days

ChatGPT prompts to finalise course content

ChatGPT prompts for course names

Masterclass recording

How does the masterclass work?

Build your platform along with me

I will build a platform, from scratch, in front of you. In case you are not able to follow along, I will be providing the recording

Group QnA

At the end of the masterclass, I will be answering all your questions.

What will you learn?

Introduction to WordPress

  • Brief overview of WordPress as a platform.
  • Understanding the user-friendly nature of WordPress for non-tech-savvy people.
  • Significance of WordPress in building an online presence

Setting Up Your WordPress Site

  • Step-by-step guide on installing WordPress.
  • Choosing and installing a suitable theme that aligns with your brand.
  • Installing essential plugins to enhance functionality and user experience.

Creating a Learning-Focused Environment with LMS

  • Introduction to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and their role in coaching businesses.
  • Importing an LMS template to streamline the design process.

Usage of WooCommerce and Page builders

  • Setting up payment gateways for smooth, secure transactions using WooCommerce
  • Introduction to page builders for creating customized course pages.
  • Hands-on demonstration of popular page builders compatible with WordPress.

Unveiling your Udemy-like platform

  • Overview of essential features in your LMS for effective coaching
  • Free courses and their benefits.
  • Creating and managing paid courses.
  • Implementing quizzes to assess learner progress.
  • Hosting and managing videos within the LMS.

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Sneak peek of the masterclass

Meet your Mentor

Anoop Narayanan

Ex - Engagement Manager - McKinsey

In the 20 years+ of my professional journey, I have discovered that problem solving, collaboration, and humility are my natural traits. And I’m here to share these with all the aspiring consultants and business leaders out there.

I come from an engineering background and have worked as a production manager in ITC before I decided to make a switch to Management Consulting – at McKinsey.

At LinkedIn, my responsibility was to create and scale partnerships and programs that enable LinkedIn product teams and businesses to maximize the value that LinkedIn delivers to its members and customers. I’ve helped create ecosystem strategies, execute deals, and program manage these partnerships for lasting impact.

Masterclass Details (summarised)

Actual cost of the program


Discounted price of the Program


By the end of masterclass, you will be able to

Create your own Udemy-like free-for-a-lifetime platform from scratch

Say goodbye to the monthly recurring costs of various LMS platforms

Host unlimited students and unlimited courses for free

Give great learning experience to your students

Give a unique flavour to your LMS that reflects your brand

Automate student enrolments and any kind of email sequences

Frequently Asked Questions

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email

Please write to: <your domain email>

Our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.

When is the masterclass?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the masterclass at the top of the page.

What are the pre-requisites?

Common sense, the willingness to learn and excitement are the only prerequisites for the masterclass.

Anyone with any or no experience in tech can attend the masterclass.

Will I get a recording of the masterclass?

Yes. I understand that not everyone will be able to follow along as I teach.

Therefore, I have decided to give the recording as a bonus 🙂

Can I record the session for personal use later?

The content is owned by Systems that scale. It is not allowed to record and use it for personal use. Doing so will lead to legal repercussions.

But here’s what you should do:

Immerse yourself completely into the LIVE learning experience of creating your own Udemy-like platform from scratch!

Is this a live masterclass?

Yes, it will be a LIVE session!! 🙂

Can I ask my questions to the mentor in the masterclass?

Yes, there will be a dedicated QnA session with Anoop at the end of the masterclass  

If I miss this, can I join the next one?


You will be transferred to the next batch of the masterclass!! 

An no, you don’t have to pay for it 🙂