Discover how an IIT Graduate can help your kids to sky-rocket their IQ & logical reasoning skills in just 2 days through home-based “Science Experiments"

Here's what your kids will learn over 2 days:

Day 1:

Module 1:
Fast Moving Air
(7 Experiments)

In this Module, your kids will learn the following:

  1. They will learn the effect of the speed of air on Pressure.
  2. They will learn the real-world implications as this is the principle using which birds and aeroplanes fly.
  3. This also explains the swing of a cricket ball (Malinga Swing) or curling of a football, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, golf, baseball etc

Module 2:
Experiments with Light
(10 Experiments)

In this Module, Your kids will learn the following:

  1. They will learn the nature of light by doing experiments on Reflection and Refraction
  2. How laser light bends with water
  3. How mirages exist in the deserts.
  4. How rainbows can be created inside the house.
  5. Understanding Why the sky is blue by experiments in Scattering

Module 3:
Experiments with Vacuum & Low Pressure
(5 Experiments)

In this Module, your kids will learn the following:

  1. They will learn the power of low pressure using experiments with air and water
  2. How Hand Pumps work on the suction power of the air.
  3. They will learn the principles behind vacuum cleaners and Pumps

Module 4:
Power of Air and Atmospheric Pressure
(6 Experiments)

In this Module, your kids will learn the following:

  1. They will learn about the force created by the Atmosphere by performing experiments on air.
  2. Air has mass which can be compressed and expanded.
  3. One will learn the principle behind cloud formation and how can we produce clouds in a bottle

Day 2:

Module 5:
Experiments with Water
(12 Experiments)

In this Module, your kids will learn the following:

  1. Students will learn the Principle of Surface Tension of water.
  2. One will learn how insects can walk on water, and how needles can float on water.
  3. How can water rise in trees and plants against gravity?
  4. Why are raindrops spherical.
  5. Why feet of ducks don’t get wet,

Module 6:
Experiments with Center of Gravity
(4 Experiments)

In this Module, your kids will learn the following:

  1. They will learn the principle of the Center of Mass.
  2. How do bikes and cars go around corners at high speeds?
  3. How do ships stay stable even in turbulent waters?
  4. How do acrobats walk on a tightrope?
  5. How do football and Hockey players make use of a Low centre of gravity to improve performance?

Module 7:
Static Electricity
(6 Experiments)

In this Module, your kids will learn the following:

  1. They will learn about Static Electrical charges by doing Experiments on Static Electricity.
  2. How lightning is created in the atmosphere.
  3. Printers and Photocopiers use this principle to Print.
  4. Why a crackling sound is made while taking off woollen clothes?

Module 8:
Experiments with Density
(5 Experiments)

In this Module, your kid will learn the following:

  1. They will learn about how hot air or water rises and cold air or water sinks.
  2. How helium balloons and hot air balloons rise in the air.
  3. How humans and fish can swim and float in water.
  4. How does the oil rise to the top in an oil spill in the ocean?

An overview of the
2-Day Bootcamp:




How does this work?

In this LIVE Bootcamp, your kids will start performing the experiments LIVE with me

Attend the LIVE Bootcamp

Do Experiments LIVE with me

Learn the concepts after each experiment

Ask Questions

Who is this
Bootcamp for?

Aspiring Inventors, Engineers, and Scientists who dream of making a positive impact on the world

Inspiring Parents looking to nurture curiosity and love for learning in their child

Science Enthusiast Kids with a passion for science

Curious Minds and Inquisitive Thinkers who constantly question how things work

Note: These are just 2 of the many researches available that prove the immense benefits experimental learning has on kids!!

Read what India's one of most renowned Physicist H.C. Verma has to say

"The learning of students who focus more on marks is generally weak and hence face issues in future when they enter the professional world. If a student focuses on genuine learning, their chances of getting high marks are extremely high. So many people get admission to IIT, AIIMS, and UPSC every year, but very few are recognised. Only those people are remembered and recognised who can make a genuine impact on the world and that will happen only if students are innovators and self-learners"

Wouldn't you agree with him?

Truth be told - For 10 years, I've witnessed the pain of kids fixated on rote learning, forgetting everything once exams are over. Parents only focus on high marks, but it doesn't help students. Here's why: traditional methods fall short.

The thing is, learning should be enjoyable, so I've made it my mission to make studying fun. You see, when kids enjoy learning, they retain knowledge effortlessly. And that's the purpose of this Bootcamp: To make learning FUN!!!

How will your kids benefit from this?

Hands-On Exploration: Your kids will experience the thrill of science through engaging experiments and direct participation so they can tap into their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Scientific Method: Your kids will learn to think like real scientists by observing, experimenting, and drawing conclusions so they can approach challenges with confidence and logic

Creative Problem-Solving: Your kids will develop innovative solutions by thinking outside the box and approaching challenges from different perspectives so they can excel academically and in life

Confidence and Presentation Skills: Your kids will gain confidence and effectively communicate complex ideas by presenting findings and sharing insights from the experiments

Lifelong Love for Science: Your kids will cultivate a deep passion for science and contribute to scientific advancements so they can embark on a journey of endless curiosity and make meaningful contributions to India and the world

See what the community has been working on...

Meet Your Mentor

Pradeep Singh

Hi, I'm Pradeep Singh, an IIT Roorkee graduate, who is on a mission to empower students with self-independent learning through science activity-based education.

With over 8 years of experience teaching Physics to grade 11 and 12 students, I understand the challenges they face.

Parents often share concerns about their child's lack of interest in studying or struggling to achieve good marks. The root cause lies in exam-oriented rote learning. I believe that true success comes from fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and the ability to question.

Through science-experiments-based learning, I have transformed the study styles of hundreds of students, enabling them to excel in exams and competitive tests.

My mission is to ignite the untapped potential within every child, transforming them into fearless thinkers and unstoppable achievers through immersive science activity-based learning!!

Why am I even doing this???

Problem with the current education system

How this Bootcamp can help your kids

Before you ask!

Even though you are paying the price less than a weekend family outing, in case you don't find our Bootcamp worth your time, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee—no questions asked.

Join us confidently, knowing that your investment is protected and your child's growth potential is limitless.

Frequently asked questions

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email

Please write to :, our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.

Why is the price of the program so less?

We built this GrowthSchool Experience to make it accessible to hundreds and thousands of people at scale.
To make that happen we had to solve this one big problem: Mentor’s availability and time.

Your mentors quite literally are in the top 1% of their industry which means their time is expensive as well as inadequate. The cost of running the programs instantly goes up if they keep teaching the same thing again and again.
That’s exactly why the GrowthSchool Experience is a perfect blend of both worlds. You get to learn from your favourite mentor with like-minded people in a stream at a lost of less than a pizza 🙂

When is the workshop?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop at the top of the page.

We had to solve this big problem: Mentor’s availability and time to make that happen.

Your mentors are in the top 1% of their industry, which means their time is expensive and inadequate. The cost of running the programs instantly goes up if they keep teaching the same thing again and again.
That’s exactly why the GrowthSchool Experience is a perfect blend of both worlds. You get to learn from your favourite mentor with like-minded people in a stream at a loss of less than a pizza 🙂

What are the pre-requisites?

Common sense is the only pre-requisite for the workshop.

Anyone with any or no experience in design can attend the workshop.

Will I get a recording of all the sessions?

The sessions are time gated for consumption and are the essence of the GrowthSchool Experience. Hence we won’t be providing recordings for the sessions. The idea is to remove procrastination completely and make you take action and completely watch the session & make the most out of it.

Can I record the session for personal use later?

he content is owned by GrowthSchool. It is not allowed to record and use it for personal use. Doing so will lead to legal repercussions.

But here’s what you should do 😛
Our best learners usually take notes or create mind maps and share them with the community. So, if you want to revisit your learnings or see what was in the content of the session, just take notes and revisit them in the future.

Not only does it increase learning output also makes the overall learning experience much much better. Don’t believe it? Just try it 🙂

Why can't I watch it anytime I want?

Ask yourselves this simple question: How many online courses have you taken up to date? Out of them, how many did you actually complete?

Based on all our learnings and surveys in our community, the completion rate lies between 2-3%

Over multiple experiments and ideation, we figured out that giving people access to content is not enough. Making people consume and finish the session is the most important thing.

It is of no use if you just register for sessions and never watch them. But with our tech, we are providing a rich interaction-led experience with polls, quizzes, and chats which have helped us increase completion rates of learners go from 2-3% to hit 90%

We believe in our community of doers, that’s what we take pride in. Hence, you can’t watch it anytime you want. You have to make up time, commit and complete it within that timeframe to reach your desired outcomes 🙂

Is this a live session?

No, it’s better! 🙂 

Here is what we mean : 

This is an interactive GrowthSchool Experience in which you will be learning practical concepts taught by your mentor. You will be attending this stream with like-minded doers like you while participating in polls, answering thought-provoking questions, attempting quizzes, and doing many more exciting activities.

By the end of the value-packed session, you will have a roadmap to reach your desired outcomes.

Can I ask my questions to the mentor in the session?

There will be a dedicated session only for QnAs with your mentors where you can ask all your doubts/questions to the mentor in real-time and interact with him/her.

If I miss this can I join the next one?

Yes, of course, you can! But you’ll have to register and pay for it again when it is scheduled to happen next. That’s exactly why we mention the date and time of the sessions clearly on the landing page and also send multiple reminders on WhatsApp and email so that you don’t miss out on joining the session.

When will I receive the bonuses?

You will receive additional bonuses at the end of the workshop.

Is it worth investing in UI Design workshops?

UI designer is the 3rd most in-demand role for 2021 and experienced UI designers earn an average of ₹15 Lakhs p.a.
In India alone, there are more than 35000+ jobs in this field. Freelance UI designers earn an average of ₹5,000 ($70)/hr along with the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.
Considering the above, this is the golden time to enter the field and is definitely worth investing in UI Design workshops

Do we need any paid tools for the workshop?

You need not purchase any tool, a free design tool Figma will be used for the workshop. You can create an account before the workshop begins.