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What if I told you that there’s an ethical “secret” way of identifying the stocks with the potential of growing by 3x, 5x, and even 10x? Yes, that is exactly what I will share with you on Day #1.

On Day #1, you will learn...

How to identify future-proof stocks WITHOUT experience.

How to buy stocks WITHOUT using technical indicators.

How to know when to enter and exit with max "PROFITABILITY"

Like every trader, it was my dream to make consistent profits irrespective of the market conditions. After testing different strategies, I discovered a ‘SMART TRADING’ strategy which helped me go from a loss of ₹80,000 to a profit of ₹8,00,000. 

On day 2, you will learn…

How to sell profitably WITHOUT using complex indicators.

How to identify the best time to sell options for maximum profits and say Goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty!

How to make consistent profits even when the market is too much volatile.

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Before The Challenge

Loss due to emotional trading

Sitting in front of the screen for the entire trading hours

Feeling stuck to find a simple profitable strategy

Dependent on Tips, Calls and Telegram groups

After The Challenge

Profits due to Automated trading

Invest only 15 mins per week and enjoy the day

Have plug-n-play strategy ready for consistent profitable trading

Become an independent pro trader in options, easily!

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This screener will save your money by automatically removing potentially loss-making stocks


Automated entry-exit excel sheet

This Will...

Help you to take Emotionless trade and avoid huge losses

Tell you the right time to buy and sell to make explosive profits

Help you to take fast decision on strategies you will learn on day 1 & 2


Automated trade tracker journal

This Will Help You...

Track your progress and 10x your speed to become a pro stock trader

Amplify your strengths and make profits in any market conditions

Hold yourself accountable for your trades and stop you from making the same mistakes again in the future


Lifetime Access to the 3 Day recordings

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2-Day: 'Yoga-Mudra Magic' Bootcamp!


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